Cooperation Town Initiators Workshop

Monday, 27 January 2020, 7pm

Listen here to an audio recording of this workshop.

Over the past few weeks we started the process of setting up a self-organised, community-led food co-op in Kentish Town.
The aim now is to scale up the project and build a network of co-operatives on every estate, in every town!

This workshop is for ‘initiators’ – people who wish to join this project and start organising a food co-op in their area. We are already speaking to people in Liverpool, Falmouth, Edinburgh, Bristol, Birmingham, Sheffield and different areas across London.

In this open meeting we will share our experience so far (note: the co-op is not fully operational yet) and discuss how groups could adapt the format to work in their communities and neighbourhoods.

We will also aim to share some of our resources – links to suppliers, contacts, visual assets and, potentially, some money that has been donated to us (to help groups kick start their co-op).

Most of the session will be participatory (in small groups), so if you are joining us remotely, we suggest you get together with the people you intend to organise with and take part as a group. We will share the questions via the text channel.

Please note: while this is an open meeting, we particularly want to share our resources with people organising on housing estates or who are part of a working class community in their area. This project is not designed to provide cheap food to comfortable individuals. It’s aimed at building resilient communities.

Ingestre Community Centre
Ingestre Road, London NW5 1UX

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